An Update.

Hi, it’s been a while.

The past year and a half has been an immensely unpleasant ride through a never-ending storm of headlines, illness, disasters and political outrage. I, like many others, found myself unmotivated, uninspired; insurmountably anxious. Yet, throughout the past 18-19 months, I’ve managed to grow a lot and forced myself to keep pushing on and moving forward towards a hopefully brighter future.
I moved twice–out of state even. Finished a feature-length screenplay which I’m waiting a bit longer to talk about, spent as much time as possible with friends and family, binged over 20 seasons of Survivor, started reading books again, and, most importantly spent a lot of time with myself; taking an opportunity to really decide what it is I want out of this life and the steps to get there.

Now I find myself, after a months-long drought of any genuine desire to create, brimming with excitement to start doing again. Everything I can to create, to write, film, produce, whatever comes my way. It feels now as though I’ve tapped into this seemingly endless well of inspiration and ambition since moving. As if both the change of pace– life in New York moves at four times the speed of life in Florida, and the change of scenery have jump-started my stalled engine; as if the city itself demands that you make something for yourself. The pantheon of artists established here both a challenge to master and a blueprint to live by.

And yet, I’ve found that some of my favorite moments in New York so far have been when I’m just walking through the city, getting lost its never-ending pockets of brick, concrete, metal and glass. Block after block, experiencing something new, unique or vaguely reminiscent. Boutiques, bodegas, bars, gyms and restaurants. So much life and opportunity packed into a space the size of an average Walmart parking lot elsewhere. Each square mile of this massive grid, intricately designed, then redesigned, rebuilt or restored for years and years. Century-old buildings sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with glass and steel storefronts of more contemporary tastes, an ever-changing, ever-evolving steel and stone beast.

I’ve been itching to write again, I just didn’t know what yet.
I figured this would be a good place to start.
Though I like writing movie reviews, I can’t force myself to write a 500-word review for every movie I see, especially not when I have so much else I want to work on and some movies aren’t even worth ten words. Keeping this as a “personal blog” seems like the best thing for me at the moment. An online archive of things I work on, things I love and maybe things I’ve binged. I might write a mid-year movie and music recommendations list how I used to, or a quick little synopsis of a screenplay I’m working on. Maybe a personal story, a book review, or even a tribute to the greatest reality TV host of all-time, Jeff Probst. This website/blog is my oyster, a blank canvas where everything can always be fine.

See you soon.

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