Ready or Not: One Hell of a Game Night

So, rich people are insane right? I’m not crazy to believe that there’s some sort of macabre rituals a good portion of, if not all, rich families have that require blood sacrifices or arcane chanting or whatever. It is a common trope in film and TV that the obscenely rich are to have psychopathic tendencies and lack empathy; and in today’s political climate… it’s easy to agree or assume this notion. Ready or Not is a film about marrying into one of these disgustingly rich families and having to deal with their horrifying initiation ritual.

Ready or Not revolves around Grace, a young bride marrying into the Le Domas party game dynasty. Things begin with some awkward and slightly ominous encounters with her espoused-to-be Alex and his family before the wedding, but the couple seems happy and all is well throughout the ceremony. On her wedding night she is invited to join the Le Domas family in their family sanctum for an “initiation ceremony”.There she is taught of the family’s history and their undying gratitude to a dead old man whose gift of an enchanted box which will be used to determine the game for her initiation. After some chanting and suspenseful music, a card is drawn and the game chosen is “Hide and Seek” which Grace laughs off as a silly game and not as the literal manhunt that’s about to begin. The rest of the film is an insanely fun and bloody game of hide and seek in and around the enormous Le Domas estate.

The film does suffer from some predictable moments and does feel overlong in some scenes but the overall tone does not falter. Ready or Not is a nonstop thrill ride from the minute the countdown starts. It’s a refreshing concept which directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett deliver with great style. The performances are great for what the film is, Samara Weaving, in particular does a brilliant job as the screaming bride Grace; her scream, sounding like a cacophony of enraged seagulls, cemented itself in my mind for hours after the movie was over.

I don’t doubt that real rich people are actually this blood-thirsty

Atmosphere, tension, gore, laughs and shocks. Ready or Not is a lot of fun. It’s exciting to see such unique and quality thrillers coming out in this day and age. The movie doesn’t hold back on the blood and gore but doesn’t rely on them as its only source of entertainment value. Each character within the family is eccentric, unique get their own moment to shine. It’s like a modern-day, grittier version of Clue except everyone’s a killer. (I’m assuming there’s only one killer in the Clue movie, please don’t harass me, I haven’t seen it yet) While it won’t be winning any awards or topping any year-end lists, Ready or Not is still an enjoyable watch, especially among the ridiculous amounts of remakes, sequels and other redundant studio tent-pole.

7 seats at the cursed Le Domas table out of 10

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